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Representative Publications

  1. Xiao F, Wang HX, Fu X, Li Y, Ma K, Sun L, Gao X, and Wu Z (2011). Oncostatin M inhibits myoblast differentiation and regulates muscle regeneration. Cell Res. 21: 350-64.
  2. Diao Y, Guo X, Li Y, Sun K, Lu L, Jiang L, Fu X, Zhu H, Sun H, Wang H, and Wu Z (2012). Pax3/7BP Is a Pax7- and Pax3-Binding Protein that Regulates the Proliferation of Muscle Precursor Cells by an Epigenetic Mechanism. Cell Stem Cell 11:231-41.
  3. Zhu H, Xiao F, Wang G, Wei X, Jiang L, Chen Y, Zhu L, Wang HX, Diao Y, Wang HT, Ip NY, Cheung TH, and Wu Z (2016). STAT3 Regulates Self-Renewal of Adult Muscle Satellite Cells during Injury-Induced Muscle Regeneration. Cell Rep 16: 2102-15.
  4. An Y, Wang G, Diao Y, Long Y, Fu X, Weng M, Zhou L, Sun K, Cheung TH, Ip NY, Sun H, Wang HT, and Wu Z (2017). A Molecular Switch Regulating Cell Fate Choice between Muscle Progenitor Cells and Brown Adipocytes. Dev Cell. 41: 382-91.
  5. Wang G, Zhu H, Situ C, Han L, Yu Y, Cheung TH, Liu K, and Wu Z (2018). p110α of PI3K is necessary and sufficient for quiescence exit in adult muscle satellite cells. EMBO J. e98239.
  6. Zhou S, Han L, Weng M, Zhu H, Heng Y, Wang G,  Shen Z, Chen X, Fu X, Zhang M, and WU Z (2021). Paxbp1 controls a key checkpoint for cell growth and survival during early activation of quiescent muscle satellite cells. PNAS 118: e2021093118.
  7. Zhou S, Han L and Wu Z (2022). A Long Journey before Cycling: Regulation of Quiescence Exit
    in Adult Muscle Satellite Cells. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 23. 1748.
  8. Han L, Wang G, Zhou S, Situ C, He Z, Li Y, Qiu Y, Huang Y, Xu A, Ong MT, Wang H, Wu Z (2022). Muscle satellite cells are impaired in type 2 diabetic mice by elevated extracellular adenosine. Cell Rep. 39. 110884.
  9. Fung CW, Zhou S, Zhu H, Wei X, Wu Z, Wu AR (2022). Cell fate determining molecular switches and signaling pathways in Pax7-expressing somitic mesoderm. Cell Discov. 8: 61. doi: 10.1038/s41421-022-00407-0.
  10. HE Y, HENG Y, QIN Z, WEI X, WU Z, QU J (2023). Intravital microscopy of satellite cell dynamics and their interaction with myeloid  cells during skeletal muscle regeneration. Sci. Adv. 9:42. doi: 10.1126/sciadv.adi1891.
  11. LI T, YANG F, HENG Y, ZHOU S, WANG G, WANG JY, WANG JH, CHEN XW, YAO Z, WU Z, GUO Y (2023). TMED10 mediates the trafficking of insulin-like growth factor 2 along the secretory pathway for myoblast differentiation. PNAS. 120:46. doi: 10.1073/pnas. 2215285120.
  12. Chen XW, Li YF, Xu J, Cui Y, Wu Q, Yin HD, Li YY, Jiang, LW, Wang, HT, Wen ZL, Yao ZP, Wu Z (2024).  Styxl2 regulates de nova sarcomere assembly by binding to non-muscle myosin IIs and promoting their degradation. Elife. 12: 87434. doi: 10.7554/eLife. 87434.

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